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Please join events to find new elements in yourself!

"Women are like diamonds"
It sounds very typical expression, however it is so true.  Diamonds in the rough can never sparkle without polishing - the polising means experience in your life, your job, love... all these different kinds of experience makes beauty of women.  We must not forget that "meetings with attractive women" is also a key for your beauty.
Don't you hold your breath when you encounter attractive women?  Beautiful women who have simply beautiful appearnce, have ambience, have intelligence through their experience and knowledge....
I believe that sence of longing is the strongest inspiration as well as motivation for women to develop themselves.    Theme changes everytime.  Cooking school, make-up session, walking lesson, caligraphy, how-to-wear-kimono etc..... and sometimes we dress up and go out to five-star-hotels and restaurants.  Life is joy!  Women, who have the most beautiful time, are able to enjoy fully and to develop even further!  You will see more findings and inspiration. 

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