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Paul Cries and Inge Neilis

Misato Klavitter


Moved to Germany from Japan in 2001. 
Studied German for six months at a language school and worked at one of the famous apparel brands.  
After 3 years as a stay at home mom,began thinking of starting my own business which would allow me

to work part-time and still have time for my two children.

Then, in the same period of the time I studied colors through distance learning from Japan

which had always been a great interest of mine.

While fully enjoying raising my children,  I often thought about my dream and
 confirmed that my "dream" had been an occupation that can make women beautiful!
Attended a course of nail art school in Tokyo and started working both at
home and at clients' places upon requests.  Through my experience in the beauty
industry in Germany, I realized that Japanese elements were something very
unique - "service", "attentiveness“  and "delicate touch".    Studied techniques of
treatments in Japan so that I can offer even better service to my existing nail
clients.  Then, the nail salon has expanded business to the current esthetic salon.
Looking back my life - four years in the U.K. as a student and seventeen years in
Germany, how important for the Japanese people to have "service", "attentiveness" and
"delicate touch".   They are the elements that I, as a Japanese woman, am so
proud of since they are simply the best in the world.  Please experience my Japanese
hospitality "o-mo-te-na-shi" in my salon.
​My mission and dream are to blend three elemetns together to pursue

my own perfection - Western, eastern and Japanese unique culture.

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