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Personal Branding 
& Visual Styling

A sensual way of life that turns age into charm.
I have lived in England for 3 and a half years and in Germany for 22 years, and have spent 25 years in the world of fashion and beauty working with women who want to be beautiful. For women, beauty means self-confidence, and people who can value themselves and believe in themselves naturally emit an aura. Nowadays, there are many women who have jobs and are financially independent, but women who are mentally and financially self-sufficient and who can walk through life on their own are wonderful.

And "how to charm". This is an expression of individuality. You can make your charm shine many times by knowing theoretically as well as feeling.
It is very important to express your unique personality and charm to the fullest and produce a wonderful performance!

my mission
Ha: To create women who can energetically enjoy life with their “original beauty”. It is to support women who wish so. I would appreciate it if I could help you change your appearance, and from your appearance to your inner life, with the aesthetic sense that you have learned in Europe.
Personal Color & Body Analysis
Personal Color & Body Shape Diagnosis
Image branding consultants are responsible for personal and corporate image and
Professionals who provide advice and guidance to enhance your appearance and give you a professional appearance. We evaluate a variety of factors, such as the client's appearance, clothing, and style, and suggest strategies for improvement.
"Glowing Confidence, Beautiful Skin."
​Beautiful skin will give you more confidence.
Facial treatments
facial treatment
What do beautiful women have in common? It is "skin that has been cared for"
Whether you are born with beautiful skin or not, daily care is essential.
It makes his skin glow. Just a little bit of polite skin habits will change your mood and the impression you give to people.

Are you ready to change yourself?
​Are you able to fully express yourself?
"Starting with a shining appearance, harmony with the inside. Image branding that maximizes your charm.
First of all, pull up the original you to the fullest! By doing so, the inside will definitely be pulled up.
​The life of admiring someone is over! It's your turn to become the woman you admire!

Personal Branding/Visual Styling
personal branding
Your “way of being” is reflected in your “appearance” exactly as it is. As a woman, it's only natural that you want to be beautiful, but in order to make a leap forward in business, the "how to show off" that expresses your attitude toward life is a really important factor!
​About the salon

A fascination that deepens with age. At our salon, we value your individuality and help you to make it stand out even more.
In personal branding, we analyze a huge amount of custom-made products just for you, take time to lead to results,

In addition, you can experience the ultimate comfort with the all-hand facial S.

We are now available online so that you can enjoy your beauty and healing journey remotely (out of the country) or anywhere in the world! Please come face to face with your own beauty.
We will do our best to support your gorgeous days from this city, which is said to be "the wind of champagne blows".


*This salon is a private salon with a complete reservation system. Please be sure to make a reservation in advance before coming.

The detailed address will be specified in the reservation confirmation email.


MONDAY-FRIDAY 09:30-20:00 SATURDAY 10:00-18:00

SUNDAY Please contact us.  


20 minutes by car from Frankfurt
Bad Homburg city

​Details will be announced when the reservation is confirmed.

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