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Image branding consultants are professionals who provide advice and guidance to improve the image and appearance of individuals and businesses and to create a professional appearance. Various factors such as the client's appearance, clothes, style, communication skills, etc.
Evaluate and suggest strategies for improvement. It also has a role of [appearance concierge] so that women can be more confident and energetic in their lives.

In any case, the important role is to support women who have influence and to bring out the client's original personality to the maximum.
Personal color diagnosis and skeletal diagnosis are indispensable and important tools as a means to bring out the "original beauty".
It starts with analyzing the innate pigment and body shape to maximize the characteristics and charm of each individual client.
​Personal Color Analysis 
Personal color diagnosis

Personal color originated in America, a multi-ethnic nation.

Harmony is created by wearing a tone color similar to the color of the skin and eyes, so there is a feature that you can make use of the pigment you were born with.

This color diagnosis is very important for image consulting.

​Based on the diagnosis results, fashion and

​We will propose everything from makeup to hair color.

Difference between favorite color and personal color

Your favorite color is often the color that you "mentally" want.

do you know? For that reason, it is said that it is a color that makes you feel comfortable and makes you want to wear it even if it doesn't suit you.

On the other hand, personal color is literally the color of individuality. by wearing

When your complexion, facial features, eye color and hair color stand out from the eyes of others

It is a color that feels "​beautiful".

Bildschirmfoto 2023-04-30 um 17.48.11.png

​Personal Color Diagnosis

2.5 hours €120


(Includes color sample booklet + actual color selection lesson)

[online diagnosis is also starting! ]

​Online Diagnostics

2 hours and a half €120


(Diagnostic results zoomed in for explanation + images sent by email as well)

Face-to-face, of course, online diagnosis is now possible from anywhere in the world. A 4x4 = 16 classification method that expands the range of dressing. Even online, you can clearly see the effect (reflection) of color on your face.


■ Course

Body Analysis

By taking a skeleton diagnosis, you can know the fashion style that suits your body skeleton and body shape.

Measured using body shape analysis developed by Australia's Image Innovators, the largest image consulting firm in the southern hemisphere.

We check 17 places in your body, including 11 actual measurements, and a high-tech computer diagnoses your physique and skeletal structure.

Because it is based on numerical values, it is objective and does not vary depending on the sense of the diagnostician.

It is characterized by And you can get a huge amount of body shape cover advice (90 pages in the catalog), which is only possible because of the analysis by machine.

​Benefits of Body Analysis

And a huge amount (all 90 pages of catalog) that can only be achieved by machine analysis
body cover advice.

Analyze the fashion that suits you from the balance of both the skeleton and the face
so you can get satisfying results. in the catalog

Literally covering the whole body from "head" to "toe"
The method is calculated ​.

white and blue, square, medical, logo.png

​Body analysis

2.5 hours €120


(Including a catalog that shows you the clothes that suit you, the cut, the shape of your collar, etc.)

■ Course

Total image branding

Total Beauty Image Branding Course

9 hours €590


That is a perfect pair! Beautiful young woman trying on high heel shoes while sitting on sof

​This course is a face-to-face (online also possible) course that visualizes your individuality and achieves your ideal impression.
This is an image branding course. It is a course that you can feel the change efficiently and concretely because it will be proposed after analyzing the basic knowledge necessary to create an ideal impression. On the second day, we will go shopping together. In addition, after the two days of consulting, the follow-up will continue for three months, and you will be able to complete the assignments every month, so you can slowly apply the knowledge you have learned in the two days.

DAY1: Consulting, psychological test, personal color diagnosis, body shape analysis, hair makeup lesson(5 hours)

Day 2: Body shape analysis result report, counseling and accompanying shopping (4 hours)

▪️ Follow-up 3 months after the end of the course

*even online​You can take this course. As for accompanying shopping, I will only respond when I return to Japan or make suggestions. (Please consult us about the price difference in that case at the time of application.)

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