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Personal brandig
​& Visual Styling
3monthly premium course

A 3-month course until you can experience the process of your own change.
It is a completely custom-made private lesson that allows you to dig deep into your unique charm.

“Why don’t you raise your personality to the highest level and change the stage of your life?
Become a “chosen person”

Now is the time when things and information are overflowing! There are various businesses regardless of age, and there are those who make a leap and those who decline.


I think it's the ′′ branding power ′′ of the person who will be the forked road.


Whether it's business or love, your appearance reveals your way of being and your way of life. What if your destiny really changed here?


If you can learn how to show yourself in a sophisticated way and be able to express your talents and abilities to the fullest, and the charm that you have hidden inside, surely by knowing that, the message you are silently conveying will be even more. It will attract people!

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black pleated skirt
First, let's go back to the drawing board

Before starting branding, first of all, we ask you to face your “desired figure” and “ideal female image”.


Why is the woman of admiration an object of admiration?


Because there must be a reason.


And the most important thing is to know where you are right now. You can see the goal by digging down and facing it carefully.

What You'll Learn

We will use the techniques we have cultivated in the beauty industry and the directing methods we have learned among European women to create the best branding for your goals.

After learning the colors, clothing styles, and make-up that suit you, we propose coordination for adult women that can only be done by overseas brands.

① Personal Color

② Body Analysis

③ Make-up/make-up lesson

④ Face detox Massage

⑤ Shopping Assist accompanying shopping

coffee and magazines
Self-creation that does not lose to age
Once you know where you are, all you have to do is move towards your goal.
You can live beautifully in your 50's or 60's!
It's not like she puts in a lot more effort than a young woman, it's just that the way she expresses herself is a little different.

In Europe, experienced "adult women" are really attractive, and there are many people who choose men with different ages as partners. It's up to you whether you lose your youth and decay, or whether you enjoy your second life sensually with maturity and sex appeal! That's it.

Eternally beautiful, elegant and sensual. I always aim to be a strong and supple woman who can be on my side even with age.

Everything depends on your "way of being".
In Japan, there are many beautiful women in their 50s and 60s who are said to be beautiful witches and who are still young and can compete with those in their 20s. However, European women's faces and bodies are aging "appropriately for their age", but many of them are very good at expressing their mature charm and know exactly where their charm lies. And I am proud of my age and live with pride.

I believe that a sharpened sense and experience, love for oneself and one's way of being will undoubtedly give off an invincible aura of self-confidence.
At the same time as I think, I'm always glued to their charm (laughs)

I want to age gracefully like them.
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Premium visual styling course
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visual styling


For an adult who makes you shine as "superlative"
​Image branding course
All women want to be beautiful. Whether it's young or oldsame. I think it should be the same regardless of age.

chanel quotesThere is a passage.

Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty.

-Coco Chanel-

A 20-year-old face is a gift of nature. Your 50-year-old face is your credit.

This is a motto for me, and it is a word that deeply sympathizes and impresses me.

And it's good to know in order to shine that "achievement" and express your personality to the fullest. Colors that make your natural pigments look the most beautiful, fashion styling that fits your bone structure, and makeup techniques that bring your features closer to the golden ratio. However, MK Image Brandig's support does not end with applying the results of personal color, skeleton diagnosis, and face type diagnosis to yourself.

It is an image consulting that leads to the achievement of the goal beyond "looks good".

​Let's enjoy the change that makes your personality shine!

(3 months premium visual styling course)

■ Personal Color/ personal color diagnosis

■ Body Analysis/skeletal diagnosis

■ Make-up lesson (hair, make-up advice) x2

■ Facial beauty treatment

■ Shopping attendant * Total coordination proposal

■ Small face detox massage

■ Follow-up *A further 6 months after the course

(Since the schedule will change depending on whether it is face-to-face or zoom, we will send you the actual schedule after applying)

For people like this

・ Those who want to increase sales with signboards

・ Those who are losing confidence with age

・ Those who are looking for marriage or want to meet a new partner

・ Those who want to brand themselves from an objective point of view

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