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■ About Guinot

No.1 market share professional skin care brand in Europe and France.

Currently, Guinot is a top esthetic brand, cooperating with 12,000 salons and spas in 76 countries around the world.

We provide excellent beauty services in various countries.
A major feature of Guinot is that it develops unique cosmetics that make full use of both medical and scientific knowledge, and is one of the most popular brands in Japan.
Starting with Roppongi Hills (Guinot Japan head office), many salons use Guinot products.

It has been proven to be a delicate and mild cosmetic that suits Japanese skin.

Based on the concept of “creating a cosmetic brand that can be used safely overseas”, I myself use it at this salon.

​We only offer cosmetics that satisfy our customers.

■ Guinot facial menu


HYDRA PEELING [80 minutes / 80 Euro]¥12,600* In the case of online, cosmetics and postage are included.

A peeling treatment that removes dead skin cells that cause dullness and roughness, leaving the skin fresh and translucent. Gently and calmly cares for skin surface problems such as dullness, stiffness, stains, and dryness due to aging and UV rays, and restores moisture and luster. For those who feel that their pores are open after sunburn and make-up doesn't stick well.

face scrub

AGE SUMMUM [80 minutes / 80 Euro]
¥12,600 ​ * In the case of online, cosmetics and postage are included.

"Samam" means the finest in French. Guinot's finest anti-aging treatment. It is an all-hand treatment that reverses the signs of aging with three functions: removal of aged keratin, penetration of beauty ingredients such as vitamins, amino acids, minerals, collagen and hyaluronic acid, and a unique anti-aging massage. For those who are concerned about aging signs such as tired skin, increased dryness and fine wrinkles, and loss of transparency.


LIFT SUMMUM-Lift Zome [80 minutes / 80 Euro]
¥12,600​ *If online, it includes cosmetics and postage.

This anti-aging treatment treats the deep layers of the skin with luxurious beauty ingredients such as seaweed, hyaluronic acid, and botanical extracts that stimulate collagen production. Firming care that can be used not only for the face, but also for the neck and decollete. It is a popular menu that you can feel the tight face line.


DÉTOXYGÈNE [80min/80Euro]
¥12,600* In the case of online, cosmetics and postage are included.

This is a new-age treatment that saves "oxygen-deficient skin" caused by stress. Due to factors such as air pollution and stressful lifestyles, women's skin is exposed to a lot of stress every day, resulting in the accumulation of toxins in the skin. In the bio-oxygen treatment, after smoothing the skin with gommage, a clay mask that absorbs toxins promotes detoxification, and an original hand technique that enhances oxygen activity gives the skin a glow and transparency.

EviDenS de Beaute

Our salon is a small salon in one room of our house.
Making use of delicate hand movements, delicate consideration and sensitive sensibility that can only be done by Japanese people
We strive to meet the needs of our customers and provide the services they need.

In addition, at our salon, we have a reservation system [Limited to 2 people per day] so that each customer can
We are waiting for you with plenty of counseling every time and allocating time so that you can relax.


"Improvement of the skin is improvement of the mind". Please go home with a little less tired mind and accumulated stress.

We aim to be a relaxation salon for women who work hard.

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